Cannabis Pest and Disease Control using Biosurfactants

Rhamnolipid biosurfactants are non-toxic and environmentally friendly treatments for most cannabis diseases, viruses, fungi, and pests

Pest Repellent

Not only can biosurfactants treat diseases but they can also act as pest repellents


Most, if not all plants, trees and bushes, have, or will have, a disease, pest problem, virus or fungus. Some will be deadly, others will be innocuous. Never the less, other than regulatory hurdles, the treatments to these issues are the biggest challenges in the cannabis industry and the effects of those treatments to the environment, the cannabis plants and the end user.

The solution is simple- Rhamnolipid!

Bacteria secretes chemicals to protect itself from other invading bacteria. Biosurfactants are chemicals that are secreted from Bacteria. Rhamnolipid, a biosurfactant breaks apart the cell wall and plasma membrane of other pathogens. Rhamnolipid, registered with the EPA, is environmentally friendly “non-toxic” and eradicates many diseases. Rhamnolipid is also used to repel insects on plants and humans. See our video of our repellents in action. Rhamnolipid, Inc has 6 patents pending for many plant, tree and bush pests, fungi, bacteria, diseases and viruses.

Quality Products

Our biosurfactants are tested and proven to be very effective at treating and preventing pest and pathogens, out performing harmful chemicals.

Perfect Service

With minimal disturbance, quick treatments and high standards, we can detect and treat pests and pathogens effecting your crops.

100% Natural

Biosurfactants are naturally occuring chemicals produced by bacteria. They are found everywhere in nature and around your everyday environment.

Environmentally friendly

Biosurfactants are registered with the EPA and are non-toxic, eco-friendly and leave no harmful effects, unlike synthetic treatments.


We provide the best services for you.

Disease Detection

Using our cantilever and detection technology, we can determine what diseases, virus, bacteria, fungi or pest is damaging your cannabis plants.

Test Strip Technology

Our test strip technology will determine which disease is affecting the plant and which rhamnolipid biosurfactant treatment can control it. The test strip technology will begin production second quater 2019.

Rhamnolipid Treatment

With the knowledge of what is affecting your crops, we can treat cannabis plants with our rhamnolipid treatments that can break apart the cell wall and plasma membrane of pathogens. We can also use rhamnolipid as a pest and insect repellent, disinfectant and fertilizer supercharger. Nursery personnel clothing will be treated with rhamnolipid to deter pathogens and pests and to act as a repellent. Nursery rhamnolipid clothing will be marketed online third quarter 2019.

Cannabis Diseases Inc. is researching an early indicator for the determination of plant gender.

Provisional and Non-Provisional Cannabis Patent Applications

We have many innovative applications for the cannabis industry. These applications prevent and control diseases, pests and fungi in the cannabis industry.

Patent Number Filing Description
62/768,385 Biosurfactant repellent and disinfectant for cannabis personnel clothing and equipment
62/824,644 Mixing CBD and cannabis with Rhamnolipid and it's antifungal and antibacterial properties to increase medicinal effects.
62/769,727 Test strips that can determine which pathogen is present and which biosurfactant treatment can control it
15/946,049 Biosurfactant disease prevention and cure for cannabis crops using rhamnolipid liposomes
15/946,277 Peptides and rhamnolipid liposomes prevent next generation cannabis pathogens
15/871,736 Biosurfactant mosquito repellent applications for the cannabis industry
15/899,494 Peptides encapsulated in rhamnolipid liposomes for cannabis applications

Our Product

One product for all challenges

Our product simultaneously controls
Diseases, Viruses, Fungi and Pests

Our product, a natural surfactant, is OMRI listed,
Registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”),
And the United States Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”)

Rhamnolipid biosurfactant

*Product and pricing is being updated and coming soon*

• Effective against diseases, pests, fungi
• Acts as a repellent and preventative measure
• 100% biodegradable, natural, and organic
• Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

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*Maximum quantity of 4 for 1 gallon orders. Maximum quantity of 4 for 5 gallon orders. Inquire about 265 gallon totes at

*Make applications in the early stages of plant growth for initial control. Early treatment prevents diseases, fungi and viruses from developing. Thorough coverage is necessary for optimal control. To assure control make applications at the time that conditions are best for occurrence of zoospores and resultant diseases.


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"Over 40 percent of pot tested by the state showed illegal amounts of pesticides. Is it a public health emergency?"


"When they’re not sucking the blood of animals, sand flies have a fondness for munching on the marijuana plant (Cannabis sativa), new research suggests."

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March 20, 2019 - Our cannabis Rhamnolipid Biosurfactant product is now available for purchase.
December 16, 2018 - Congratulations to our microbiologist team. Rhamnolipid production costs have been reduced by including a naturally sourced mineral-based feedstock.


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