Cannabis Pest and Disease Control using Biosurfactants

Rhamnolipid biosurfactants are non-toxic and environmentally friendly treatments for 90% of diseases, viruses, fungi, pests and bacteria affecting cannabis plants

Pest Repellant and Fertilizer Supercharger

Not only can biosurfactants treat diseases but they can also act as pest repellants and can supercharge fertilizers


Most, if not all plants, trees and bushes, have, or will have, a disease, pest problem, virus or fungus. Some will be deadly, others will be innocuous. Never the less, other than regulatory hurdles, the treatments to these issues are the biggest challenges in the cannabis industry and the effects of those treatments to the environment, the cannabis plants and the end user.

The solution is simple- Rhamnolipid!

bacteria secretes chemicals to protect itself from other invading bacteria. Biosurfactants are chemicals that are secreted form Bacteria. Rhamnolipid, a biosurfactant breaks apart the cell wall and plasma membrane of other pathogens. Rhamnolipid, registered with the EPA, is environmentally friendly “non-toxic” and eradicates many diseases. Rhamnolipid is also used to repel insects on plants and humans. Rhamnolipid, Inc has 6 patents pending for many plant, tree and bush pests, fungi, bacteria, diseases and viruses.

Quality Products

Our biosurfactants are tested and proven to be very effective at treating and preventing pest and pathogens, out performing harmful chemicals.

Perfect Service

With minimal disturbance, quick treatments and high standards, we can detect and treat pests and pathogens effecting your crops.

100% Natural

Biosurfactants are naturally occuring chemicals produced by bacteria. They are found everywhere in nature and around your everyday environment.

Environmentally friendly

Biosurfactants are registered with the EPA and are non-toxic, eco-friendly and leave no harmful effects, unlike synthetic treatments.


We provide the best services for you.

Disease Detection

Using our cantilever and detection technology, we can determine what diseases, virus, bacteria, fungi or pest is damaging your cannabis plants.

Rhamnolipid Treatment

With the knowledge of what is affecting your crops, we can treat cannabis plants with our rhamnolipid treatments that can break apart the cell wall and plasma membrane of pathogens. We can also use rhamnolipid as a pest and insect repellant and fertilizer supercharger.


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